Swish & Flick: the fanfiction

April 10, 2014

If I would have been able to go to Hogwarts, I know for sure that Hermione and  I would have been great friends. I mean, I'm pretty sure my parents are muggles, just like hers. We also both love cats. Whereas other wizzards let their owls, toads and rats run amok, Hermione owns a cat. Remember SPEW, the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare? I'm down with that. End the oppression! Together, Hermione and I could have staged some serious direct action against institutionalized elf-hatred.

Being grounded for that wouldn't be a problem. Both she and I could spend hours reading and talking about books. I would teach her all about gnomes, and we would play hide and seek with them in my treehouse (which would have to be magically transported to hogwarts in a blue box upon my invitation there). And, of course, we would swap knitting patterns for elf-hats. Perhaps Dumbledore could join to. Also I think that my knitting would really benefit from befriending someone who knows how to handle a timeturner! 

Oh Dumbledore...it's such a shame you didn't send me that Hogwarts letter, but at least I can still play-pretend in my Hermione cardigan.

Name: Swish & Flick
Designer: Megan Murray
Song: What else?
Yarn: Drops Lima

The fit for this pattern runs on the large size. I read that some people had had issues with the fit on ravelry and therefore I already went down a size, from what I normally would knit, but the fit is still a bit baggy. The yoke pattern continues a bit further then the it does in the film version of the cardigan, but I do not mind that to much. If I were to do it again I would go down another size, shorten the stranded yoke and definitely make the sleeves slimmer. I didn't steek the buttonholes, but knitted them in instead, as I think that steeked buttonholes are just too much of a fuss. The result is a very warm and comfy cardigan, just in time for...


...is that spring I see on the horizon?


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