Beren and the Olympic hero

February 23, 2014

The Olympics are almost done, most medals have been awarded, records have been broken, tears and joy has been shared and tomorrow it will all be over. Now it's time to see how I did with my own "Olympic goals". I actually met the deadline and finished my project in time! To be honest I never thought that I would finish this cardigan within the deadline, so that's been quite a surprise. Nevertheless, I've been high-fiving people ever since!

Pattern: Riddari 
Book:  Knitting with Icelandic Wool
Designer: Védís Jónsdóttir 
Yarn: Istex Lett Lopi
Soundtrack: Curling commentary by Sir David Attenborough
Raveled here  

The cardigan is a Riddari, by Védís Jónsdóttir. It's part of Knitting with Icelandic Wool, a book with a lot of Icelandic patterns, most of them by Védís. I used Lett Lopi again, and I can not cease to repeat how much I love that yarn. I recently finally found a brick & mortar store that carries the yarn, but around here it's quite easy to find online as well.

  As the Olympics of the classic period were all about heroism, I've (nick)named the cardigan Beren. The colours just reminded me of Tolkien's Middle Earth, so I named after one of the many stories from Tolkien's Silmarilion. Beren is the first man to ever marry an Elf. In order to marry Luthien, Beren is charged with capturing a Silmarillion, a jewel originally forged by Fëanor the Noldor but now stolen and placed on the crown of the Dark Lord himself. With the help of Luthien and several other great characters, he succeeds. I took this painting of Luthien by Alan Lee as a colour guide. Unfortunately I didn't have any purple in my stash, and because I was working with a tight deadline no time to order more. So I swapped that colour for blue. 

I hope that all of you Olympic fans also feel like the games were a success for you or the team you support. For me, the Olympics have been great. Not because the Dutch team won so many medals, but rather because I've discovered some new sports which I never expected I would like as much as I do now. Curling, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Shorttrack, skeleton and Slopestyle Snowboarding come to mind as sports that I did not really know before this month. And, obviously, because these games also gave me a new Icelandic cardigan to wear; now, that's a medal all by itself!


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