Friday, January 10, 2014

Dad's Sweater

Welcome in 2014! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. Here at the Treehouse the end of Christmas break has come and gone quite swiftly, it always ends way to soon doesn't it? The break was much needed, but after some days off, celebrating Christmas and spending a few days in the south at my parents I feel somewhat ready for it again. At the beginning of this week I already made my first exam of the year (wait what??).

During the holidays my mum finished the last bits and pieces of the sweater for my dad we worked together on. It was about time it made it's appearance on the blog as well.  My mum seamed the last pieces a week ago and  together we got dad into posing while my brother took some pictures for the blog. Now you can all see where I got my modelling skills from. ;)

Not only is this the first sweater I knitted for my dad, it's also the first project I 'collaborated' on with somebody. My mother is by far the better seamstress. (I tend to lack the much needed patience) She did the seams and finished the collar, while I knitted the bulk of the body and the sleeves.

Pattern: Limestone by Drops designs (135-1) 
Yarn: Rowan Silky Tweed (this yarn is now discontinued) 
Soundtrack: David Bowie - Changes (Can be swapped with any other Hunky Dory song)

The actual pattern is written for knitting in the round, but we knitted it in pieces, as that is a technique my mother is more familiar with. Aside from a little extra maths this didn't cause any trouble. I did remember that Drops' sizes come out quite large, so we went down a size. My mum and I are lucky that we knit in more or less the same tension, so you really don't see any difference in the pieces I knitted and the things she did. 

My dad and my mum
My mum chose the yarn. At first my dad wasn't to sure about the colours. He had picked the pattern with some gentle steering from my mother, but when he saw the yarn he was afraid of looking like a, quote, "Physics teacher" (which was apparently a problem). I happen to like the end results though, and so does he. To make up for it, he got to pick the button himself. It's a shame the yarn is discontinued. Although it did split more easy than a complete woollen yarn, it did not pill at all and it was easy to knit with.

Does making a sweater for my dad means that I'm a saint? Because if so, good! That means I can get back cracking with selfish projects for a while again! *insert evil laugh* After all those weeks working on it on and off I'm glad to see the project done. I have a few new projects in the queue already, not in the least thanks to Christmas-loot (thank you sweet Santa's)!



Anonymous said...

Wie is die man, leeft hij in Alaska in een hut aan de rand van dit bos, is het een visser of een bioloog, volgt hij een pelgrimsroute? Is het een watervogel spotter, een model voor die zich laat fotograferen met breisels voor de Sandra.
Super leuk zeg, van mooi materiaal gemaakt en zonder je hulp nog lang niet af. Heel heel erg bedankt!!

Lance said...

Leuk. Benieuwd naar de volgende projecten.

Dayana Knits said...

Holy moly, he does NOT look like a Physics teacher... he looks great!!! And you can tell him for me. :) Here's to a crafty 2014, my dear!

Nisse said...

@Dayana Thanks dear! I will :) Looking very much forward to what you will be making in 2014!

diy said...

Dat is weer een mooi stuk breiwerk
wat de twee vaklieden in elkaar gestoken hebben.
Een mooie kleurencombinatie met lekker warme wol,dat doet deugd.
De groeten aan iedereen.


Nisse said...

Ha bedankt Paul! Pap is er erg blij mee! ik vind vaklieden wel een leuke benaming voor breiers. :) xxx

Sandra Augiga said...

Yes, you are a saint now. Or just someone who loves her father very much. Maybe they are the same thing. I wouldn't know...

The sweater is very flattering on him and it is just the right fit. The colors are wonderful as well. All in all, great team work of you and your mother.

Nisse said...

Thank you Sandra! I wasn´t sure how the fit would work out, since it´s made in pieces and well I never knitted anything for my dad before. But I´m ever so pleased with how it turned out.

Haha and thanks for agreeing with me on that one. For now it will be selfish knitting galore!