Saturday, 22 September 2012

Family day, food & bicycles

Past weekend was spend at my parents place.

On Saturday we had family day, a thing my family started since my grandmother died, little over a year ago, to make sure we as a family actually see eachother once in a while, as it often happens when the family eldest aren't there anymore bonds weaken and evetually you become strangers to one another. Its twice a year, and so far my parents have done most of the organisation.
So far I think its a huge succes, most of my family is there, or atleast tries to make it.

My brother in the green sweater
This part of my family always used to have a very warm bond with eachother. Years ago we used to see eachother quite often at my grandparents house. I remember, me as a child, running around at my grandparents house and playing with my cousins, I remember spending all day in the snow with my cousins and brother making a snow cat, having sleepovers with my cousins, I remember the house being filled with people and always more food then we could ever eat and my grandmother never stopping giving us more (this is an Indonesian thing I believe) Those are all very warm memories and I'm glad we've now started a new tradition. 

I came in a day earlier to help my parents getting ready for the day...this mostly meant cutting vegtebles & helping with other food. This day is celebrated with my fathers family, or the "Indonesian part" of my family, so obviously we had to make Indonesian food!

Indonesian Krupuk, with extra seeds added

I might not see everyone of my family as often as I see others, but in general I think we´re a pretty good bunch. With some of them I can talk for hours because we have lots in common but with others I can talk just as easily about other things because there´s this general respect of eachother and who we are. When all of us are together I genuinly feel that you can just be who you are and be meeted with the same warmth and interest whoever you are, and whatever your interests are. I think that´s something you should cherish, as you don´t find this everywhere. 

On to the bicycles:

The day after family day the UCI Road World Championships started in the town I was raised in, and lived most of my life. Now my brother is a huge sports fanatic, seriously...the way I talk about knitting, making clothes and vintage, he talks about sports. He combines this with his other great hobby: photography. The whole year he travels all over the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for sport events that interest him and sometimes his pictures get featured on websites and publications. This summer he even traveled to London for the olympic games (of which I'm totally not jealous) It's a shame he doesn't have a flickr or blog, as I do think there would be people interested in it, but I stopped trying to get him to ;)

Hannah Helamb, Swedish junior cyclist
This is obvious a big event in a smallish city, so there were many people out an about! My brother has been going to all the races the whole week. And today "biggest" event is awaiting the cyclist: the long-distance race for female and tomorrow the men.

Elinor Barker (gbr), ladies youth champion

Usually female-cycling isn't broadcasted on national television, but the WC is an exception. That's one of the reasons I love to watch this race, as it's one of the few times we can see Marianne Vos in action on television. Vos (Dutch for Fox) is the leader of the Dutch team, has won the olympic roadrace, and the Giro Donne twice. She's also a former world champion on the cyclocross discipline, but for five years in a row she came in second in the world championships for the roadrace.

Go Marianne!! Wearing my mr fox for you!!!

UPDATE: Yes! She's done it! Marianne Vos = Gold!

Monday, 17 September 2012

First weeks

Dear friends,

My week was an absolute whirwild of things! Luckily this weekend was lovely, busy but lovely.

The first few weeks went well. Really well.  You know as first weeks go...because there's always this sense of ackwardness going on when you just get to know your studymates, teachers, lectures etc. But is really, really nice to finally be able to put a face on everything and everyone.

It's time to take this bag from the peg again, and start hauling it to campus.

It has surprised me how used I am to my new surroundings already! This is probably a good thing, as I consider myself much of a mouse. I often need time to get used to things. So far, so good!

As far as the lectures and courses go, I do think I found my place. I have no doubt that things are going to be difficult and lots of work, but this is indeed something I have wanted for a long time and so far it hasn't dissapoint my expectations. Some of the courses go even far beyond my expectations...

Though it's not hard, bonus points for guessing what I'm mayoring in.

Most of my academic books have now arrived, which is a relief. The teachers and lectures have gone of with a speedy start, so the first week there was always this nagging feeling of being behind on everything. My first exams will be in a week or six...which is incredibly fast if you ask me!

So here's to a busy, but fulfilling year! 
(Luckily we've still got weekends)


Monday, 10 September 2012

Finished project: Halla

At last Halla has pictures! I finished this one a while ago, and this week I finally took some pictures of it.

Pattern: Halla
Designer: Marie Wallin

I've already talked a bit about this jumper. How it knitted up super slowly, and how stitching together this project was hell (Hell, I tell you!). Thanks to my mother it has happened (thanks mum!!!), otherwise it would have ended somewhere on the never-going-to-finish-this pile.

What I love about this jumper:
The colours!! They are amazing! I think they work really well together, and I want to use all of them to make other things, though not in the same combination, ofcourse! The colours, and whole style of the jumper is really me, that's always good. I love the button detail on top!

I think you can see this is a handknit jumper, this I mean in the very best of ways (why is seeing that something is handknit such a problem to everyone...isn't it supposed to be something good?) This is a jumper with lot's of detail, and lots of work went into making it...and I think it shows.

Some advise:
Just in case you'll ever want to make this jumper. First of all, be aware this jumper is a lot of work...this is a vintage jumper addict telling you so listen!! It took a lot of time, the ribbing was never ending and sewing it together was, here we go again, HELL...but if you think the end result is worth it go for it!!

Second, make sure the colours you choose work together. This goes without saying, you might think...but I see so many projects on ravelry where colourwork doesn's show because of the colours chosen. You don't want to waste your time, so be carefull when chosing, make a swatch if necessarily!

And lastly...this jumper is short...shorter then you might say from the pattern photo's...and this comes from a short person. I'm not going to rip mine back (goodness no!) but I will say that adding a few stripes on the body will make this jumper a little more versatile.

In the end I've grown to love this jumper, the look, style and colour are just to good to resist, but it wasn't an easy way ;)

That's what I had to say on Halla. I hope to finish my current project this week but I'm not sure. Knitting is going a lot slower now college has started again! Maybe I'll squeeze in some sewing later this week. Anyway see you later!!


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Some weeks....

This has been of one of the strangest weeks in my life. I don't think I have ever felt so much different emotions in one week... This was my first week at my new university. I will write a post about my experiences, thoughts and feelings about that later as this is not the only thing that happened this week.

This week, on one day, two wonderfull people in my life left this earth. Both not at all expected ...though something as important as the passing of the life of a loved one is never really expected I guess...

I have felt a lot this week, shed tears, there was lots of confusion, disbelief next to excitement, new beginnings, lots of new things. This week has made me realise (again) how many wonderful people I'm surrounded with. How much kindness, hugs and talks there are for you if you speak up about what is going on in your head. I'm really, very thankful for that.

As of this week the sky has two bright stars extra. They won't be forgotten and will be loved for a very long time from now.


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Weekend round up : Last summer days

I know we technically live in summer until 21 of Sebtember, but since my summer vacation will be over tomorrow, when college starts, and the weather took a turn over the weekend I think I can safely say that autumn is taking over. I had a pretty busy weekend, did lot's of things around the house, went to friends...and some of the usual weekend stuff happened.
I've been working on the blog a bit too. I've added a propper link and about page. Huzzah for that! My blog is growing up...can you believe it? 

Some photo's of what I did this weekend:

Knitting on new projects: 

Re starting old ones: 

Cat sitting my flatmates kittens. My cats were mostly unimpressed with them, which I thought was funny.

Finally took this jumper out to get it's photo taken. Luckily bf got home from a busy weekend away while it was still light or otherwise it still wouldn't have happened. It will get a propper post later this week.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend to start the year with. Tomorrow is my first day at my new study. It's going to be awesome...