Saturday, 22 September 2012

Family day, food & bicycles

Past weekend was spend at my parents place.

On Saturday we had family day, a thing my family started since my grandmother died, little over a year ago, to make sure we as a family actually see eachother once in a while, as it often happens when the family eldest aren't there anymore bonds weaken and evetually you become strangers to one another. Its twice a year, and so far my parents have done most of the organisation.
So far I think its a huge succes, most of my family is there, or atleast tries to make it.

My brother in the green sweater
This part of my family always used to have a very warm bond with eachother. Years ago we used to see eachother quite often at my grandparents house. I remember, me as a child, running around at my grandparents house and playing with my cousins, I remember spending all day in the snow with my cousins and brother making a snow cat, having sleepovers with my cousins, I remember the house being filled with people and always more food then we could ever eat and my grandmother never stopping giving us more (this is an Indonesian thing I believe) Those are all very warm memories and I'm glad we've now started a new tradition. 

I came in a day earlier to help my parents getting ready for the day...this mostly meant cutting vegtebles & helping with other food. This day is celebrated with my fathers family, or the "Indonesian part" of my family, so obviously we had to make Indonesian food!

Indonesian Krupuk, with extra seeds added

I might not see everyone of my family as often as I see others, but in general I think we´re a pretty good bunch. With some of them I can talk for hours because we have lots in common but with others I can talk just as easily about other things because there´s this general respect of eachother and who we are. When all of us are together I genuinly feel that you can just be who you are and be meeted with the same warmth and interest whoever you are, and whatever your interests are. I think that´s something you should cherish, as you don´t find this everywhere. 

On to the bicycles:

The day after family day the UCI Road World Championships started in the town I was raised in, and lived most of my life. Now my brother is a huge sports fanatic, seriously...the way I talk about knitting, making clothes and vintage, he talks about sports. He combines this with his other great hobby: photography. The whole year he travels all over the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for sport events that interest him and sometimes his pictures get featured on websites and publications. This summer he even traveled to London for the olympic games (of which I'm totally not jealous) It's a shame he doesn't have a flickr or blog, as I do think there would be people interested in it, but I stopped trying to get him to ;)

Hannah Helamb, Swedish junior cyclist
This is obvious a big event in a smallish city, so there were many people out an about! My brother has been going to all the races the whole week. And today "biggest" event is awaiting the cyclist: the long-distance race for female and tomorrow the men.

Elinor Barker (gbr), ladies youth champion

Usually female-cycling isn't broadcasted on national television, but the WC is an exception. That's one of the reasons I love to watch this race, as it's one of the few times we can see Marianne Vos in action on television. Vos (Dutch for Fox) is the leader of the Dutch team, has won the olympic roadrace, and the Giro Donne twice. She's also a former world champion on the cyclocross discipline, but for five years in a row she came in second in the world championships for the roadrace.

Go Marianne!! Wearing my mr fox for you!!!

UPDATE: Yes! She's done it! Marianne Vos = Gold!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nelson,
Leuk stuk weer over de familiedag en het sportstaartje. Over het eten: daar hebben we nog twee dagen van kunnen eten. Eten en drinken is er altijd meer dan genoeg! In de winter doen we het weer.
Groeten Margot

Anonymous said...

Haa Nelson,
Goed vandaag hè! Mooi blog heb je geschreven. Heel leuk en herkenbaar.. Ik zal je vanaf Valkenburg nog wel foto's sturen, maar het duurt even, want vandaag en morgen zijn echt lange en vermoeiende dagen..

Anonymous said...

Haa Nelson, fijne familie heb je <3 en lachen en superlief dat je de eigengemaakte VOsSjaal om hebt, ze zou eens moeten weten :) Jullie hebben heerlijk gekookt van het weekend :) Groetjes Kim

Anonymous said...

En superleuk van het lampionnetje op de foto! hihi

Nisse said...

Haha, wat leuk allemaal familie comments op het blog!! ♥♥♥

@Lance Ja ik had eigenlijk nog meer foto's in de post willen stoppen maar hij werd al zo lang!! (en ik wou Marianne gaan kijken:P ) Zie je echt niks in een flickr? Dat is alleen photosharing. Je kun wel een paar zinnetjes ofzo bij de foto's zetten...maar wel minder werk als blog dus...

@Kim Ha bedankt! Ja kreeg gisteren wel veel commentaar op mijn vos...maar niet in relatie tot Marianne;) Ja dat vond ik ook leuk in die foto, en dat ze Brits was en toen dacht ik dat kan geen toeval zijn, die moet erin ;)

Maximonstertje said...

Hee Nelson!
Hihi, nog een familielid hier :) Wat een mooi blog! En zo leuk om onze familiedag hier terug te vinden! :) Wow, je breiwerk is echt supermooi! Ik ga je vanaf nu zeker volgen!
Liefs, Danny